Mega Gems Slot

Mega Gems Slot Review: Betsoft slots machines free games

The creators of Mega Gems have created a slot machine that has five reels and ten paylines. This game is filled with resplendent gems, has 3D slots feel, and offers an astounding variety of jackpots to win.

Mega Gems Slot

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Animations and Graphics

This online slot is a slot game that offers many of the same features as other casino games, but with an elegant and sophisticated flair. The vivid colors and 3D gems make it feel like you’re playing in some sort of lavish palace. I love how Bet Soft Gaming kept its arcade roots while still offering high-quality graphics for players to enjoy!

We were pleasantly surprised by the presentation of Mega Gems. The graphics were as smooth and detailed as they could be, never lagging once in our 20-minute session. We’re not usually into playing games on our phones but this one is worth your time!


This online slot is a highly entertaining video slot that has an attractive progressive jackpot. The game’s five reels and 10 paylines give you many opportunities to win, especially when the scatter symbols come out on your screen!

We started out with a $50 bankroll on Mega Gems and slowly lost money. We were down to our last twenty bucks when suddenly, the machine lit up and rewarded us three times what we had left! Our total ending balance came in at 72 but it felt like more because of all the excitement that happened before then.

Final Words

Mega Gems by BetSoft Gaming is one of the most innovative video slots ever released. This slot has a great variety in game features, including scatter symbols and multipliers galore! If you’re looking for an exciting time then do not miss out on this experience from some true masters of their craft.